Friday, July 19, 2013

emotion is important

no matter how hard i try, i can't fix it, you know?
even if time stops and is turned back
my feelings won't change
i wont ever look for you again
dont look at me with that face, i was always like this
stop appearing before my eyes, leave from my heart
even if it's coincidence, let's never run into each other

randomly stumbled upon this song. actually i have no idea who are the singers but wow at the emotion-filled high notes.


post post call crash today! spent a significant amount of time actually WANDERING IN CIRCLES i kid u not. until hy who was post call came back to hospital hahahaha and i bumped into her after coming out of distalradius# clinic which was, all, wait for it, DR#s. then somehow we went on a clerking spree. not bad we heard 1-2 barely audible esms with our retrospectoscopes, did the neuro exam on someone, amongst other things. oh and clerked an amazing case with mh and yj with three pathologies all confusing each other (and us) by dint of randomly bumping into mh outside the clinic.

then passed by the v nice ho i did active call with the other day and just went to say hi to him and fortutitiously he had bloods to be taken!! then after that bumped into my own ho who had bloods for our own team patient (also, showing the team i stay late YAY haha). well there was a 50% success rate, not too bad. after that i was really too tired to go home (dont u just know that feeling?!!) so i bummed in the mo room eating my toast when the active ho for tonight came in

him: why are u still here?!
me: im too tired to move to go home
him: AHHH I WANT TO GO HOME but i can't!!!

i was really impressed with his call organization paper thingy too. must make one like tt next time when i am on call.

and then OBVIOUSLY came home to zzzzz

i hope i survive the last week
tmr is bcls
sat is nhg open house
sun is i need to do my poster and mug for fri but i also need to do call + catheterization + ABG. oh wells.
mon is we need to find a case for tues
tues is teaching + do poster SIGHS + mug for fri (i am so screwed)
wed-thurs is MUG LIKE MAD
fri - hope i pass my ortho eopt
sat & sun = aiya i bet i need to do my poster on this day cos i will have spent the week mugging for eopt
oh there's singhealth open house + sip bootcamp! uh i dont actually want to go for ortho sip bootcamp when ive alr undergone the ortho sip?!!! hahaha. but the peds/ surg ones shld be useful, i guesss

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