Tuesday, July 2, 2013

daily dose of inspiration

Today, what can God do through you? It isn’t about how qualified you feel. It isn’t about how talented you are; it’s really about how yielded you are. When you obey God, when you trust Him beyond trusting your circumstances, that’s when He can work through you and bring about greatness in every area of your life!
(from spiritualinspiration.tumblr.com)

it's only a miracle if the starting materials weren't anything to shout about. sometimes being human i wish i could have more talents, but if i had everything, then i think i wouldnt be so grateful to God for giving me what He does. i would be more prideful than i already am, less willing to attribute it to a higher power. so in a weird way, im glad that i dont have everything that i sometimes wish for. :)

We have to realize our mistakes aren’t that powerful. Our mistakes aren’t too big for God. He’s not up in the heavens shaking His head saying, “I never dreamed they would do that. They’ve ruined My plan.” No, God knew every mistake we would ever make. He knew every wrong turn, and He’s already prepared a new route. He already has your detour figured out.
Scripture says that God knows the end from the beginning. If you’ve made some mistakes, the good news is that He has already planned a way to get you back on track! Just come to Him with an open and humble heart. Let Him wash you clean and make you new. Your mistakes aren’t bigger than God. He loves you and has a good plan in store for you!

:) im totally guilty of this, hahaha. good to know someone's on it, cos i clearly am not! 

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