Sunday, June 16, 2013


awesome endo posting!

also loving cyrano dating agency and i hear your voice which provide me with many hours of entertainment

self arranged cardio posting coming up next, wondering how it'll turn out hahaha. at least i should be slightly better at murmurs and heart failure at the end of this, i guess! i know after my 2 weeks of endo i def know how to differentiate ild and bronchiec at least! yes i know, a bit odd haha our tutor was a very well connected fellow with many friends and as a result always was a source of short cases. he also loved to quiz each of us on the same topic repeatedly until the causes of hepatomegaly were drilled into us. good stuff.

I asked you what a memory is
It was hard to listen to your answer without tears
You said a memory is something
That won’t ever come back, that you can never have again

Those days will come so will you be okay?
Will you be okay with just living with memories?
lee seung chul - the day to love

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