Thursday, June 20, 2013

the thing i swore up and down id never say again

that even if it was a dream, i'm happy that it even happened at all

the brightly shining thing

thank you for everything

in that moment, it made so much sense

things always make sense in these weird moment

why it had to be this way, that God exists, one of those things
thank you for the happiness, then, and now, and for making me utterly convinced in that moment, of God's providence, timing, and wisdom. i just kept thinking "in God's time".

on another note i think i am er not exactly crystal ball material cos during clinic i felt this very strong urge to go into internal med when i was hearing the pt tell his life story. i just.. wanted to save all these patients forever. he considers the dr his savior and calls him dr angel wow that's so sweet. (thats not the reason why i want to help patients btw, i just... duh.... who doesnt want to help people. obviously). actually dr angel reminds me of pravin doing his debate HAHA. anyway. i had this strong urge to ask my tutor for a cardio project becos i want to change my course halfway but anyway we had to go off for a tutorial and i have no time in m5. and kids are so cuteeee... anyway tomorrow i will not have anything intelligent to say and i will be very sleepy. argh....

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