Saturday, June 8, 2013

i would

another henry song. beautiful :)

Nothing has ever broken me like you did
No one I ever wanted more than you
If I could just get over you I would
Don’t wanna love you anymore

And missing you is like fighting a war
It’s a battle I’m losing
And I’d give up if I could
If I could walk away as easily as you I Would

Thought I’ve seen enough to know it all
But not enough to know how it feels to fall
But the kind of pain you left me with
It never seems to heal
And it never lets me go

Tell me how can I feel no feelings?
Is there a way to leave it all behind?

doesnt currently describe anything now, since i havent felt any emotions for as long as i can literally remember, but for the past and the future, things to remember, things to avoid
nothing has ever broken me like you did

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