Friday, April 12, 2013

if he brings you to it, he will bring you through it

on one hand,
i feel it's cliche to ask for help
on the other hand, i really need it

so i'll say this instead
really grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way. medicine, although i am so inadequate and have such a long way to go, i still get to enjoy all the cool aspects. all the exotic neuro diseases, i really love it. even though research is always tough , i love that moment of OOH this is so awesome i always get 

SO i guess, yes, i could know more, i could have a time turner and go for every ward round and also yet finish my project. i could be a good luck charm, a four leaf clover and cause every project i do to go magically and attract international conferences like bees to honey. 

i could be perfect, but instead, life throws me all these fantastic opportunities and experiences that i dont deserve, being thusly imperfect. i am grateful :) now i aim to finish up this month with

a) a significant result for my project and a pretty paper written up by thurs midnight
b) the neuro people not having too bad an impression of me.
c) joining at least one clinic for gen neuro conditions and seeing cool stuff (ie, need to finish research earlier)

and also mug gen peds stuff for next month

no idea how i'm going to succeed in all of this but trusting in God as always. God is good and He has called me to this path i believe. and what he brings me to, he will get me through it. i strongly strongly believe this. and therefore, it will work out.

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