Saturday, April 20, 2013

brilliant day involving a ce shift in the day & combat at night :):) was so incredibly happy. i think i might wanna do ce next time maybe??! today i fell in love with emed again. emed drs are like lit teachers. i remember staring at them as they discussed poetry with starry eyes. they just seem SO COOL and you just feel you can never be as awesome. they have this cowboyish thing going on, which i admire ++.

the thing about medical school is that as you understand things more, everything starts to fall into place. there was plenty of cough and RN discussion today as well as some other more cool stuff, but this time i actually understood what they were discussing about prolonged fever on amox and whether they should admit or not, and the decision to add augmentin, things like that, cos i'd actually mugged the guidelines beforehand. the resus cases made more sense post emed posting as well, and it was really brilliant to see them doing nasal suction & the kid improving because really young kids are obligate nasal breathers and hence if their noses get blocked they still continue breathing through it!! hence such a simple intervention can make such a big difference. of course the hood adrenaline came on after that

and i got to see t&s, and oh the highlight that makes me still giggle a little is the reg trying entonox on himself HAHA he was like "hmm i wonder if this will make me high *chuckles*.... nah, not much effect".

btw that dr was really so nice! poor thing though at one point he deeply sighed and wondered what he cld do to possibly get home in time to have dinner at his own house. and he was like so upset that he kept having to tell the pt "just one more pt and it's ur turn" for the procedure. it actually highlighted to me that sometimes we might feel we're really burnt out and stuff but yet we are actually still awesome, humane human beings.

sometimes you just get really inspired by lights at the end of the tunnel randomly. little kids grabbing my steth and listening to their own heart. that kid is really too cute. the way he looked up at me when i held his hand to walk him for the neuro exam!! cutenesss overload

also when S and i arrived in the morning the night shift dr brought us into a room and started quizzing us on x rays and going through case discussions (!!) and today i answered most of the questions correctly! granted, it's not like super difficult questions but just have this sense of satisfaction

ok list of things to study
1. anaphylaxis management
2. neonatal jaundice
3. approach to fever & rash
4. cxr and ecg reading [revise]
5. all the peds surg conditions

and thank you God, you promised the safety and indeed safety was assured. i am eternally grateful.

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