Saturday, April 27, 2013

all this time

beautiful song :)

i remember that moment, i remember that pain
tears were falling
i know You saw me
so alone
i was doing my best trying to be strong
no one to turn to
that's when i met you

all this time
from the first tear cried
to today's sunrise
and every single moment in between
you were there
you were always there
you've been walking with me all this time

ever since that day
it's been clear to me
that no matter what comes,
you will never leave

and you're restoring
every heartache and failure
every broken dream
you're the God who rescued me

i hear these people asking me
how do i know what I believe
well i'm not the same me
i saw the proof i need


going for shift now. praying that i will do well & prove what i need to, not just for myself. praying also for journey safety for p. i feel ive become more responsible just this past week HAHA.

okay off now! :)

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