Monday, February 18, 2013

my God saves

i am, as always, in awe at his Goodness, goodness i don't deserve. :) 

also today i forgot to bring my matriccard but luckily H was around so i could get into the comp lab. 

ten more days!! 

after all this i will
a) take my family to a nice place to have brunchh - eggs benedict/ waffles/pancakes from one of those nice atmospheric greenery-filled cafes ive been longingly trawling online. 
b) learn how to reverse park
c) fetch someone to someplace instead of always being the one fetched
d) bake cinnamon rolls
e) start studying neuro for electives
f) go for jazz technique class on a saturday + drag my mum with me (i firmly believe all girls deserve a jazz class. it feels so lovely to be alive when you're in the middle of one. pure exhilaration). 
g) plan a getaway to a nice place (korea??) or something in my one free week. i was planning on using it to catch up with slacking off... but i just need a HOLIDAY. i didnt have a real holiday per se after m3 and i was SO EXHAUSTED. need. a. break. 
h) go to cmg. REALLY.
i) see if leadinglittleonestogod still needs extra people. i really love small kids zomg.  its like when ur having a stressful day and u see little kids toddling around making cute noises suddenly it becomes an awesome day :):) 

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