Saturday, December 1, 2012

why do people chase after dreams?
we cry so much over it yet we still hope for tomorrow

any time... any fate... the road to no end
hope is my only guide through now

i dont regret, and i can no longer turn back
a drawing of the scene that won't fade away

i am covered in bruises
it hurts, even though i know it's better to give up

any time... any fate... i look to the sky
until the day when my wish comes true

kara's seungyeon - guilty

awake at 3am doing forensic path essay.

have been slacking off for 2 weeks, some parts of it have been more glorious than others. the last few days have been characterized by extreme fatigue, mild dyspepsia [the usual]. had to literally drag myself to the last day of posting today.

anyway it's the weekend now! last bit of freedom, but i also realized from this posting that i quite like clinical postings and seeing patients to hammer in the info, it just sticks so much better that way!! 2 more weeks and then HOLIDAY! although i might need to start mugging for end of year exams. but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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