Thursday, December 27, 2012

my grown up christmas list

it's been a wonderful christmas-filled holiday :) a much-needed break from the everyday routine of waking up, dragging myself to whatever rotation we're doing, declaring that i'm sleepy, having lists and lists of things i really wanna do but knowing i'll never get to do them, if i want my sanity

esp glad i managed to clear some of the research since it's been on my mind like... since m4 started lol
there are still things to be done - both things i want to and things i must do, but at least the list is much shorter than before; at least my batteries are charged before i go

thank you God for everything; this nice breather of two weeks the least of it all really :)
also been going for toby's kpop dance classes which are LOVE.
off to finish the monster ecg tutorial revision. haish. 55 PAGES OF NOTES YO.

merry christmas all :)

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