Thursday, December 6, 2012


today's scripture reflections makes particular sense.

"We all live in hope, but is our hope certain and substantiated? Our hope is founded first and foremost on our trust in God. Faith is the requirement. We are often faced with crises and threatening situations in life. In such times, we need to humble ourselves before him,... secondly, we need to pray and contemplate... but it is not enough simply to listen and to trust; we must listen to His words, obey them, and put them into action. Faith must be accompanied by action. Of course, we must always act through the strength and direction of the Lord. Only when we sense the Lord's presence accompanying us in all that we do, can we find peace and strength even in the face of adversity. We can be confident that everything will work out well and even unpleasant events and suffering will work out for our good. Never act except by the strength that comes from the Everlasting Rock."

today i was saved from something, small thing perhaps, yet it was an echo of something else really big that sent ripples through my whole life. something that shaped me as a person, tested me and my faith, and that ultimately spit me out better than i was before.

the world breaks everyone and afterward, some are strong in the broken places
- ernest hemingway

not only that, i was shown in a microcosm... hope

on a less waffly note, the scripture reflection is good coz it gives concrete advice. you can't just sit around hoping which i do all the time. you need to pray & contemplate, listen, and most importantly ACT. just make sure you act in accordance with his will

every season of my life, i learn just a little bit more about how to live this life. it's like one gigantic puzzle piece & you wonder why cant you just learn it all at once, but i guess that's the point.

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