Monday, December 10, 2012

day by day

i'm sitting in the rain
to keep my hope alive
oh im waiting day by day

so pretty. altho their english is most unclear LOL

had a very happening clinic today. at first it was literally all tinnitus of unknown origin and unresolvable, then after that we saw
- many people with laryngeal-pharyngeal reflux [p/w sore throat]
- otitis media with effusion, myringotomy with grommet insertion was done
- raised EBV titres, dunno what to do next
- many post-op turbinectomy patients
- pansinusitis
- epistaxis

now watching webcasts, the lecturer just said "who here doesnt like chocolate. you?? you're a freak! i love chocolate!" hahaha so cute. then he proceded to talk about someone who doesnt eat chocolate for awhile then stuffs their face with it and then gets the allergy, to illustrate the masking phenomenon. which i dont fully understand, but anyway.

in the next 1.5 months or so, i need to
1. mug my head off for exams (sobs)
2. get an irb done (i'll be really glad to get it done at all though.)
3.  finish up my first project
4. meet up with nic, michelle, nat [and probs many other people but due to [1] i think i'm so the overstretched >< sorry guys i say prophylactically, i really do love all of you muchly it's just that i am ridiculously inefficient... ]
5. get ent and eye mini cexes, and small posting eopt done and over with

oh and there's playhouse this weekend, yay! much anticipating, ive watched it every yr i've been in sg and its always been great entertainment.

also perusing the papers reveals loads of theatre upcoming in 2013, now i just need time & company to avail itself. eg OTHELLO as part of shakespeare in the park [i'll never forget ngchoonping's stunning othello, it literally took my breath away and made me feel new love towards the text - and actually ive always preferred modern stuff to shakespeare to be honest haha].

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