Wednesday, December 5, 2012

clear day, cloudy day

their voices.... speechless

Yesterday was a clear day, today is a cloudy day
Do you know tomorrow’s weather?
The weather reports are never right
The skies are black and silent
It’s raining here, it’s raining inside of me
The clouds are always gray yeah yeah
The sun always rises and sets yeah yeah yeah
This rainy night is not too bad
How’s the weather for you?
Yeah yeah yeah
For some reason, it seems like it’ll be a clear morning tomorrow

was totally speechless when i read the first few lines, coz it sounded eerily like a poem i wrote ages ago, in a time where the weather changed madly from morning to afternoon to night; in a time when i never knew when it would be rainy or sunny we used to say, if it rains in the morning it'll be sunshiny in the afternoon "in the middle of winter, i found an invincible summer" my personal motto is to keep running towards the impossible futures. today's wild dream is tomorrow's reality; i know that well enough. so even when it seems too hard to even take one step towards that, when it seems like nothing you do will ever change anything, you have to keep going. simple truths to live by

i believe strongly that every unanswered prayer is either for an excellent reason, or will someday be answered in a way that is better than i could have ever imagined. i'm not angsty currently haha (in fact just watched some particularly awesome dramas zomg so nice!!), but this song brought back memories. and i guess i've been thinking a lot lately. i believe.

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