Thursday, December 13, 2012

2nd last day of ent tmr! it has actually been quite a pleasant experience

things i've seen reccently
- BPPV [with the rotatory geotropic nystagmus!! and saw the epley's manouevre!]
- nasal polyps
- aspergillosis
- voice hoarseness/ breathiness
- vocal cord polyp
-  otitis media with effusion in a kid

clerked an AR patient for mini-cex which went quite well too. the head of ent is SUPER nice seriously, i think it really trickles down & affects the whole dept when the head is so nice to begin with! plus he knows our schedule much better than us haha

so after clinic, i met my cg mates and was like "OMG I SAW ASPERGILLOSIS IN THE EAR"
them: oh we saw it in the orbit

.... darn

we also had a really entertaining lecture on ent emergencies in the morning; unfortunately all i can rmb is how the lecturer kept saying "ent means easy no tension", and "you can get a tympanic membrane perf if someone hits you really hard on the side of the head... which happens a lot in my household.." haha he's just such a cool dude. anyway, still no plans to do ent, but really appreciate the niceness of the doctors in the department, i'd initially thought it was a ktph chillax atmosphere thing, but turns out ent doctors in general all seem quite nice. just makes it all cool (except the 745 arrival times are always painful ugh)

okay must really sleep now, ent m&m tomorrow morning at 745 ><

went for rpm just now and it was horrifically challenging, no idea why cos it wasnt even the challenge class. after the first 5 minutes i was having severe SOB hahah. so unfit yo

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