Saturday, November 10, 2012

love in the milky way cafe

i'll float a rainbow on your teacup

love love love 10cm

dreaming of cafes and coffee and all things bright and beautiful. but unfortunately i need to mug. such a discrepancy between the dream-world and the real world.

can we just never grow up

i think i have an alice in wonderland complex.

i think its cool to wander around not really knowing what's going on, to run and not reach anywhere, to do things without any consequence. you wake up & it's all a dream. last night, in my dreams, i fought two wars. i think i won. like literally i was a warrior/ part of the freedom fighters, that kinda thing. i think i read too many scifi/ fantasy books in my lifetime.

one more week, this sounds so banal & i'm quite tired and i cant really amp up the enthusiasm but i guess i will have to

i heard about you reccently
i still eat ramen everyday
i'm getting older but my tastes havent changed
i'm fine thank you and you?

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