Sunday, July 8, 2012


before hols started, i wrote this...  
what i really wanna do right now is

1. go to a bookshop & read & buy books [i will i will]
2. meet up with friends over leisurely coffees, conversation and... books. LOL. yeah i'm a nerd like that haha
3. bake yummy stuff for teh people i love

but oh well i get to
1. go travelling
2. run/ gym etc. all stuff i love. omg the exam induced cabin fever was really torturous
3. do what i wanted for electives [God really does have a way of granting all my random prayers, and often in a form better than i could have even imagined]

while clearly i didn't exactly have high expectations...

GUESS WHAT, we're one week out from m4 and i've accomplished ALL OF THE ABOVE!! well, i didn't include "bum around at home with absolutely nothing to do, nothing on my mind, nothing to run off to and nothing pressing and important that i have to do next". yeah. i never managed that. haha. but it's okay!!

good time management also enabled me to meet up with loads of people! except high tea on friday, but i was rather... let's not go into the details but rather just say i was tied up with something at the time. yep. haha.

so yay :) one week more. all i want to do is to make this week count. to finish this week knowing, that i did my best, whatever it may be. (also because i know complete slackery is not really on the horizon. haha). maybe, just to be like an ENERGIZER BUNNY this week. yeah!!

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