Tuesday, July 24, 2012


hi world, only 3 more dayys of sleepy-fying gases to go!! let's leave aside the stresses of mini-cex for now, have been seeing some really cool ent surg today, and saw a spinal being done yesterday, just as i was about to leave for lunch! yays. after 2 days of normal GA with LMA for GS and ortho surgeries. one of the things i like about anaesthesia is that you get to see lots of different types of surgeries, and every morning you go straight to the OT and change (totally my cup of tea). but what i dont like is that the gases make me VERY VERY SLEEPY. despite my "subclinical narcolepsy" haha, i have never actually experienced sitting in the ttsh kopitiam fighting the urge for my eyelids to shut while trying to carry out a conversation/ listen to an ongoing conversation and it is actually quite an odd sensation.

and tomorrow is EOT (emergency surg) and thurs is neurosurg (EXCITED!!) and fri is SICU rounds. fun fun. i dont have enough months in my electives to fit in everything. which is currently the least of my concerns coz... i should probably have done my mini-cex earlier GAHH now the only window of opportunity is to do it tomorrow which uhhh is cutting it majorly thin

anyway umm i will TRUST IN GOD and hope & pray really hard it goes well *stress*

also something really reminded me strongly of something today. which happens not infrequently but this was quite ! maybe i will delete this bit later. a bit of proust and the madeleines.

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