Friday, July 27, 2012

reflections on anaesthesia

life thus far:
1. first time watching neurosurgery was awesome as expected! *starry eyes*
2. managed to pre-oxygenate a patient without turning on the oxygen... SIGH
[note, it was pre-oxygenation so no patients were harmed in this!] the next patient i went to with my tutor, i started talking to her in chinese for like 2 mins before my tutor was like "uh... i think the patient is malay.." facepalm

3. SICU posting today was a very interesting experience indeed. plus i feel like my medicine knowledge was just increased x100 just by sitting there listening to the round. but i must say it really is such a difficult job to do, both intellectually & emotionally. it may seem so exciting to be an intensivist/ critical care doctor but it really is extremely challenging plus stressful knowing all the people depending on you to pick up all the many issues! but the consultant today was a v good teacher

summary: anesthesia has been WONDERFUL. i loved it to bits, except the part where i am so sleepy everyday i dont want to do anything everyday except sleep. i mean, more than my average baseline sleepiness.

things i liked about this posting include
1. the enthusiastic cons/ regs who teach like almost nonstop during the surgeries
2. all the handson stuff like drawing up drugs, setting lines, putting in LMAs, intubating (tho i personally didnt intubate yet as it was apparently all difficult airways eg ENT), doing the bag & mask (although i suck at it, see the first line of this post), hanging drips (my tutor's comment on this "yeah... we found out that students get a kick out of doing this")
3. the wide variety of cases and exposure. like my first day was gen surg/uro, second day was ortho, third day was ENT, fourth day was EOT, fifth day was neuro and sixth day was surg ICU. i really really loved being in the neurosurg ot. but neurosurg/ neuroanaesthesia is both very difficult and very highstakes, so prob not for me. just for the record, though, i uber loved it. the neuro anaesthesist was quite quirky too. she would give me a whole set of equipment and say "ok iq test, assemble it, go!"
4. going to school everyday to the OT changing room and wearing scrubs. just such an awesome way to start the day
5. how my tutors would randomly ask me to go for tea breaks all the time. haha i just really like the working environment. and anaesthetists are generally all extremely nice people i find.

so... i'm currently trying to decide between an anesthesia elective and a neuro elective in the one month i have left (having pretty much decided on two of the months already). today our core tutor gave us a tutorial about peds and o&g anaesthesia and she was like "so all the kids will be brought to a playground after registration, and they just play there until its their turn, and the anesthetist will go there and find the kid from all the kids playing. and when they go in the OT, everyone will just be playing with the kid, like the OT attendant will be blowing bubbles, or waving toys..." and grace and me just looked at each other and mouthed SO CUTE!!!, all starry eyed at the absolute cuteness overload idea of it all. ok must stop must stop peds anaesthesia makes the anaesthetist REALLY SLEEPY coz the gas leaks everywhere (the ETT for kids is uncuffed).

okay further reflections... for this posting, i was actually not with my cg. it was taking the classreps injunction "make friends with your new sister cgs!" to new heights haha. i conclude after two weeks of hanging out with them that they are extremely nice people!! and a very good influence too. it was a good opportunity to get to know more pple in the class better :)

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