Friday, July 6, 2012

memory by younha

My mind erased you

My heart emptied you out
you've clearly been erased

time is erasing
your figure now
and my mind that was
filled with you is being emptied

such a melancholic song. the lyrics above are so heavily edited that it takes on the opposite meaning of what the singer intended (though I erase you/ everything remembers you) haha.

maybe i'll take this off someday, not that it really matters

it's not that i didn't try
but i never really wanted to let go
no, i never let go
i can't throw away my more than useless memory
yeah, i'm not sure what i was holding on to anyway
but now i think it's time
it's best to let go when you dont feel anything anymore
when there is no longer any hurt or any memory at all
then it will be as easy as breathing
it's easier said than done
but now that i can't remember anything
and i dont hurt anymore
it's the perfect time

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