Saturday, July 14, 2012

like there was no beginning

worthless to the point
the words "i'm sorry" might seem like a lie
i think it's time i let you go
even if i held on to you again
since i now know that i cannot make you happy
wooyoung's new album :)

friday was nice! TGIF. fridays always tend to be nice

sense of closure to the thing i've been working on this hols, got the necessary stuff signed off, dinner @ sushi tei with the cg girls, and watched sy's magic show!
thursday was pretty good too. sleepily in the morning, i did something really good without even knowing. a warm glow permeated the evening. thankful, for such a happy ending to it all, specially since the whole time, i was stressing about every random thing

the near future
1. watch anaesthesia videos before the simulation sessions!!
2. meet nandita & nic :)

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