Monday, July 30, 2012

information overdose

had lectures today from 8am to 630pm arghhh. and the lunch timings was strangely confused which was okay though becos BUBBLE TEA. although i had an fml moment when i realized the straw was the wrong size...

i really like toxicology though, i found the lecture thoroughly fascinating. i guess its novelty too, learning new stuff is always so exciting! and all the stories about human nature and how people actually really poison people they don't like?! zomg. something i realised about a&e doctors is they always have so many exciting anecdotes to tell. and that a&e is medicine just you need your reflexes (both physical and intellectual) to be speeded up. like it's still ecg reading but you need to know it right away

i'm improving though, i can spot a S1Q3T3 miles away now! and a hampton's hump and a westermark sign!

things to study at some point in time
1. finish up acid base notes and memorize the HCO3-/ PCO2 values that enable you to know if it's respi or metabolic acidosis/ alkalosis. I CAN NEVER RMB THIS why
2. chest pain lecture from today
3. toxicology lecture from today

i think no need to do notes for the triage/ lab values one right?!

also i'll be at nuh for a&e as well as the other hospital YAY becos i just like nuh a&e alot alot LOVES. okay i better say anything since i havent worked a day in my life there yet.

we're also going to be very busy having lectures for hoursss in the near future sobs so my aim is to erm at least run 1-2 times per week. YES. okay toxicology

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