Saturday, July 21, 2012

constellation of unconnected thoughts

first real day of anaesthesia ie in OT:
set many plugs and inserted many LMAs today!! *super pleased*  YAY I KNOW HOW TO SET PLUGS

reg: have you set plugs before?
me: oh yes!
reg: on a human, not a mannequin?
me: oh, yes.
*after 5 painful minutes*
reg: you told me you've done this before!!
me: ummm, it was a long time ago... [CSFC to be exact heh]

during afternoon tutorial
me: *drifting off into carb-induced sleep when the tutor asks me a question*
me *answering*
tutor: and what are some of the symptoms? EXCESSIVE DAYTIME SLEEPINESS, right?

anyway, got an email about a residency discernment forum CMG is holding. THANK GOD literally. i was about to go to a random church and accost any random priest hoping for divine intervention. anything that ends with mass and starts with prayer probably is heading us all in the right direction, or at least a direction righter than the one we're currently going in. anyway, i emailed back thanking the organizer profusely for his good deed and told him about me intending to accost a random priest. luckily i typed in the email wrongly on my android and it didnt get sent lol.

so i re-sent another with this addendum instead: "i am interested in Specialty A/ B/ C (why i need a discernment forum)"

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