Friday, July 6, 2012

space imagery

let's just think of happy things :)

1. SPACE IMAGERY (ie big bang collaborating with samsung for their world tour. actually i just love the pun, that's all. wahaha)

2. oranges

3. 2ne1's comeback song came out yesterday!

4. unexpectedly meeting people around who happily pop out of nowhere haha this really made me very happy

5. wrote a poem about vacuum cleaners & i really like it!!

on this issue: similar to the debate, although i'm terrified of the outcome, i shall just believe its gonna be okay. because just the same, this is something God led me to. i really truly did not purposely pick this route becos i thought it was easier or better. although i did not perhaps fully appreciate that there may be extra stressors due to the nature of it, either. everything just fell into place outwith of my control. it just happened. there were a thousand other ways it could have gone, but it happened this way. and enough things happened along the way that showed me, how amazingly good this can turn out, too.

it's really going to be okay

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