Saturday, July 28, 2012

a spoon of moonlight, two drops of starlight

he reminds me so much of you it physically hurts

since when was it? that ive become used to being alone?
since when was it? that my heart emptied your spot?

little memories of you pass by and make me stop but
the unfamiliar memories are awkward
not making me able to cherish them and just let them pass by

letting you go, letting someone go, im used to it now so i dont draw you out
after time passed, the tear flowing memories
it's just in the moment, it's just in that moment
because they are memories that could not be cherished

evan - memories that can't be cherished (추억이 되지 못한 기억)

after the rain stopped,
the sky looks especially clearer
as if it had never been bad in the first place
i bite my lips and slowly pace my breathing
and i think about the memories i locked up for a while
it's alright, as i really think deeply, as i fly away
at some point, the morning embraces my shoulder
and it's over now
boa - mayday

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