Monday, June 18, 2012

the tree covered in dew

a gentleman's dignity is the show that is currently my crack.

it is SO good. i learnt another word in korean. jak sarang - it means unrequited love, or crush. now that's definitely a word i can identify with lol.

no but seriously, i love this show because not just does it have an EXTREMELY handsome jang dong gun *swoon*, it also deals with what people go through in their normal everyday life. as in, as opposed to boys over flowers, or secret garden, which are purposely meant to be over-the-top depictions of things. the characters just feel so real and fleshed out. like even the ajusshi F4 is not just eye candy but they all have really specific characters & personalities and you can tell they arent perfect angels but they're generally good guys deep down. well, cept for maybe the 50% of them that are players haha.

ok even if this show had none of these... JANG DONG GUN. nuff said.

and he does stuff like rear-ending cars to prevent the object of his affection from getting into them. zomg. so cool. and he protects her from having to make an awkward public confession to her crush too. that is seriously the nicest thing i ever saw in a tv drama. usually it's all just saccharine-sweet events with roses and candles. but that is... wow, talk about unconditional love. i think i just really like that he isnt overtly chasing her, like he still goes along with his everyday life, but he saves her behind her back and it doesnt really matter to him whether she knows or not. as opposed to the usual korean drama where the guy is just hanging around the girl until she gives up and accepts him.

okay maybe that's even more mind-messing up and brainwashy LOL to propagate the msg that even guys who dont overtly chase may still like teh girl, which is obviously not reaaally the case in real life. well dont worry folks, im well aware that this fantastic personality is limited to jang dong gun and probably is not exhibited by actual human beings. all the more reason to love him and his character heh. anyway since my every waking obsession is medicine/ my research project, i havent had time to think about guys since... i cant even rmb when is the last time haha.

her "so... you're saying that i'm your secret crush and you're now confessing to me"
him "yes. if you have any questions, feel free to contact me"


friend "are you publicly confessing to her right now?"
him "oh, i confess to her every time i see her"

now that's something you need to be JDG to pull off. and i love the way his jaw drops, well, in general, but also when he looks at his beloved car after rear-ending it. LOL.

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