Sunday, June 3, 2012

summer star

glorious slackery.

well as anyone who actually knows me knows, i dont go in for the traditional grape-soaked type of debauchery. oh trust me, there are plenty more roads to indulgence in this life :) or maybe, let's call it... happiness. my favourite word. when i was busy partaking of the salmons of doubt, did i ever think that i would experience such amazingly cool stuff?

probably not. in fact, it's really not even that cool at the actual moment of doing.

like standing in an OT watching people stitch, wondering if i should actually introduce myself to the surgeon or not or maybe i would be inconspicuous enough. or the number of times i have asked the surgeon at the end of the procedure what the entire surgery was aiming to do. but then again i'm so not the gunner surgery type, anyway...

... yes, clearly this is very glamorous & exciting & the coolest thing in the world.. the problem is the answer is YES, indeed it IS. the best thing ever ever to happen to me. i think the problem with me is that i'm always so caught up with gratitude that i dont have time to get all ambitious & plan out my career path or anything. and i think that's a perfectly ok state of affairs to be in. like when you constantly know how lucky you are just to have this day, be physically where you are, PLUS be happy PLUS have friends PLUS have macaron dreams PLUS to have grades that, while not astronomically good, still look acceptable....

I will boast of nothing but my God.

actually i wanted to talk about what a nice couple of days ive been having but it turned into a paean about medicine. as usual. hahaha. but anyway i guess both the hard work & the vacation from it are noteworthy :)

been spending my nights planning what yummystuff to make, but after a whole night of pipe(ing) dreams, i realised that the sugar confections i was looking at were WAAAY out of my range.

and read hunger games at kino. i swear i was prepared to buy it but it was so page-turning that i couldn't bring myself to wait til i got home to read it. after that i was so traumatised/ overwhelmed by the emotional weight and the philosophy of just wars that i wandered home in a trance.

i think its amazing how the rebels were just as organized and ... the similarities between them and the Capitol. how they didnt mind killing for their cause... but was that right, since the Capitol would have killed them without hesitation anyway.

the book was just perfect. and i think the love story complemented the dystopian/justwar stuff perfectly.

loved the last part the best when she says "peeta often asks me 'you love me, real or not real?' i say 'real'" but that's pretty sad. to be brainwashed to the point where you cant distinguish fact and fiction.

i just love holidays coz you get to do absolutely anything you want! hehe. loving this. you know this is the first holiday i have been truly happy cos usually all the angst that i have ignored piles up and then once the exams finish BAM i have to deal with alot of weird fallouts. and last may/june i was so extremely bored at home that i was chomping at the bit until i gave into the boredom and planned my italy trip (then of course it was brilliant fun emailing hotels, reading up on things to do, budgeting, i am SUCH a good travel organizer srsly wahah).

matcha brioche
now if only i could figure out where to procure green tea powder my life would be complete

actually think on monday the stress will come back again. but goodness knows i should enjoy my weekends guiltfree. last night i felt like i was walking back from the library at midnight, totally free as a cloud. guess i feel so free now cos i dont feel sorry to anyone for anything, and i dont wish for anything from anyone, and i'm not waiting on anything and i just want to say, thank you to the Universe :)

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