Thursday, June 7, 2012

pieces of the puzzle

recently, in baking, i have felt like i always lack an element of something. now the milk, now the matcha powder, now the matches to light the fire

met up with j today for dinner! twas nice. we also discovered that we frequented borders and the national library's rooftop garden super alot when we were in jc LOL so dunno why we didnt see each other then?! anyway, realised that j was one of the first friends i made when i first came to rg :) like literally, becos my first exposure to rg was during debate camp. and she also flew with me to edin the very first time i went. goood times catching up! and medicine talk LOL what's new. and korean food = YUM

it feels so scary to know that my friends will be applying for their jobs in october. lol. that coulda been me. just really glad i have the extra time to learn more, experience more. i cant imagine being a doctor in 1 yrs time.

and her elective to columbia sounds awesomely exciting man. feeling the itch to do a us elective now!! zomg. $$$

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