Wednesday, June 20, 2012

high high

and i'm feeling high high
the depressing past days are now bye bye
- kim tae woo, from a gentleman's dignity OST

random happy song to start the day!

been feeling really frustrated lately staring at articles trying to organise my thoughts, but nothing seems to go in! but then i realised that i just need to read around the area to understand everything better. at some point in time, everything's gonna click, and then i can write everything out properly. just waiting for that beautiful day to arrive. LOL

anyway today i must
1. go central library to pick up the journal i requested. i feel like this is the KEY TO EVERYTHING. no really its not. but pple keep referencing this paper so
2. get the notes i requested yesterday and request more for tomorrow
3. try to do the lit review on the new area
4. try to do result analysis part 2
5. sincerely hope that i will be able to meet my supervisor somewhere by chance and ask more qns

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