Sunday, June 17, 2012

green eggs & ham

perfect chilled out weekend  :)

woke up late, bummed around watching fabulous dramas, eggs benedict @ relish with d, omg YUM + good conversation, except i think the pple at the neighboring tables must have wondered what on earth we were discussing LOL andd then went for combat + did someone a favor yay i love being efficient & being useful to humankind :)

but the BEST part was the email saying that MY RESEARCH HAS BEEN PUBLISHED. and being able to pubmed myself and download the pdf of my own article. hehehe

although, to be honest, i didnt do much, as compared to lucy who sorted out everything i left behind + wrote the whole mammoth paper, SO MUCH GRATITUDE, thank you a million lucy!! xxxx 

seriously can't believe the kindness of the person who kept emailing me asking for details of where im now, etc. guess the six weeks of T2 weighted T1 weighted T2*, FLAIR, blahblah all paid off! YAY!!

thank you universe, for painting that summer with cherry blossoms, for making all the strawberries come to fruition. now that i'm doing research again, this article is such a welcome inspiration, that hey, i've done it once, surely the next one will come to fruition too

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