Friday, June 15, 2012

and now cross the andes

maybe i should keep track of how many banana cakes and starbucks coffees im consuming this season. today just feel very uninspired. i think its coz actually thinking is harder than mindlessly collecting information, duhh

random thoughts
n is in edin now for elective, haha looking thru the photos makes me have fondd memories. evoked lots of reflections (this is an understatement) it wasn't perhaps the easiest thing to do, but definitely the most logical. or rather, it was a foregone conclusion no matter how much of a good time i had there that i would have made the same choice, so it was probably an added bonus that i had sucha ball of a time.
the reason why i purposely hung on to the memories so long is that even if people forget easily, i refuse to be the person that forgets easily. and welll, i dont forget easily. LOL.

the most important takeaway point for me is this: i literally cannot emphasize enough my gratitude to the kindness and help given here. but then again, friendship extended in a farawayland, friendship extended in a time when i was in most need of it, at absolutely zilch benefit and possibily cost, like scandals WAHAHA ;p i dont think i can quantify these things.

however, to me, everything comes down to this. a night at the a&e when i realised two things
a) that i want to be a doctor and come back and work here and
b) that i want to do everything in my power to protect certain things, no matter how difficult it may be.

so i'm just grateful to both sets of friends, equally but in different ways, for allowing me to fulfil the promises i made to myself, and to the universe.

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