Sunday, May 13, 2012


okay. i can live in fear until the results come out, which is i dunno when, or i can trust in God's goodness, and just enjoy my post-exam freedom.

it's difficult. it's really difficult.

but you know, i dont think i could have done any more. it's not just about preparation, its also about actual performing on your feet, at that moment.

i want to thank God for giving me really kind examiners, esp for the ortho case where he literally walked me thru the thing, turning a potentially scary case into something that i could answer everything properly. its really amazing. it could definitely have been a whole lot worse.

i think i know what to do. i won't be a doubting Thomas. i don't have to see it in black & white, for me to believe.

dear God, i just want to pass. that's all i ask for

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