Monday, May 7, 2012


yesterday this time i was a nervous ball, now im just chillin' out

actually it was quite bad, but objectively speaking i think i did a much better job than i expected. horror on opening the first paper and knowing nothing, turning to happiness when praying for st joseph's help just before the 2nd paper and INDEED REALLY I KNEW EVERYTHING IN THAT PAPER. back pain, thyroid, malena, nephritic syndrome, DM, essential hypertension. everything i have been mugging my head off these past two weeks. unfortunately i ran out of time with the thyroid qn. oh well. pick & choose ur battles! i do feel its abit wasted but its better than NOT KNOWING WHAT TO WRITE cough paper one.

i dont know how to describe it, i definitely did much better than i could on my own strength. the resultant effect isnt deans list material, but its okay. but with exams, you neverknow. so... i just wanna pass. seriously. okay now for a thousand mcqs zomggggg

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