Thursday, May 17, 2012

salmon fishing in the yemen

walking this tightrope of belief. for the longest time i thought that was wrong. but you see, if i wasnt always on tenterhooks to wonder if miracles will indeed happen to me, its like relinquishing all hope.
wish i could dispense stickers sometimes, to prevent against monsters from under the bed
you know what, i really have to do this. its like there is nothing in the world so worthwhile as this.
other thoughts - "do not worry about what you will eat or what clothes you will wear" or something to that effect. a verse i/we should rmb and TAKE TO HEART. so i dunno why this period is even more fraught with stress than before exams, but you know, im so happy that im no longer packing my life into boxes/luggages. i think thats one of the most depressing things to do. i actually really liked the freedom to do whatever i wanted but i really hated the part where i had to somehow fit everything of my life into a finite space, and drag the boxes containing it from point a to b. makes you feel so rootless, like a wandering vagabond

so, my approach to this is that - yes, i think i should get down to it and do it, but at the same time, know that if i'm doing His will [which in this case, im pretty sure i am], i dont need to worry about what to bring. it will all sort itself out. lesson #1 :)

and for today, i must really give thanks. really.

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