Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the pursuit of happiness

this is, happiness

today i bumped into a v nice HO, who i first met on an int med call at ttsh when she was still an m5! good times :)

i know there seems to be a lot of "i must do this, i must go all the way". but this really is, you know. i must say, there are precious few things i prize above w and his combat. hahaha. sleep being one of them (SO. SEVERELY. JET. LAGGED), and this being another

sometimes watching movies, i have this feeling, that it's a sheer delight being alive. movies, artfully cinematographed and choreographed, have this way of highlighting the beauty in life so starkly. it's like someone handing you a torchlight and saying "here, put on these rose colored glasses, life can be really awesome if you let it be". i used to scoff at these unrealistic promises of optimism, believing that the more pessimistic i was, the more often i'd be happily surprised. instead, i was often unpleasantly so. guess what, believing the worst doesn't prevent it from happening, no shit sherlock.

i won't say that i am a pollyanna or a purveyor of rainbows. but i believe in hope. i believe that as long as you go about with a face lighted by the candlelight of hope, no matter what, it's going to be okay. it doesnt mean you'll be a millionaire or gisele bundchen or king of the world, but i believe that it promises you plenty of crossaints, hot chocolate and free flow of french pastries on airplanes. oh, and if your luggage is too big to fit into the overhead compartment, the air steward will put it in his locker instead of throwing it into the pacific ocean

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