Tuesday, May 8, 2012

many stridorous children

one more one more!

i think this is getting to be a boring account of my life. i kinda loved chronicling the surgery days "oh, didnt do much today, just helped out in an appendectomy & ran around back and forth to the a&e all day long" haha.

anyway, its come to a point where there are just SO MANY EXAMS and you just shut up, and do it, theres not much to be said about it anymore

but it helps to know that music & lyrics & pancakes exist; that there is still an outside world. today we took a class photo under the trees. it seemed like such a weird juxtaposition, like a day at the beach with sandcastles, something maybe to be looked back upon with fondnesss one day, when yet it was taken on a day so predatorily anticipated, like a leopard.

all this planning, finely woven like a persian rug designed to catapult us somewhere; magic carpet of dreams. these few days, sleep is like an easter egg, preciously given and sweetly consumed. it's like i'll wake up tomorrow and be out of this desert. i'll open my eyes and be led to the water. i'll realise that without knowing it i have crossed the gobi and made my way to the land of macaroons. that even though ive been rock climbing alone, i was in a safety harness all along

the rapids wont wash my kayak away, i wont get dehydrated. hello pacific ocean, for i am so much better equipped than ever before

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