Thursday, May 31, 2012


there's something about macarons that make me feel like life is worth living

other things i wanna make (links here to reminD myself)
1. like a strawberry milk's raspberry madeleines which i can't make, not having a madeleine mold
2. nordljus's truffle honey madeleines

mm. i think im going to be arm deep in my weight's worth of butter and sugar and flour. loving it

as for my electives, i'm loving it too. a little too much. in fact, i'm literally obsessed about it. anyway, its breaktime now. i'll save the obsession for 9-5pm. now, going to sink myself in dreams of puff pastry.
sometimes it seems like reading about chocolate eclairs will magically paint the trees rainbow colors. like there suddenly will be coffee colored bikes, and my life will be instagrammed. but all too often, the gleaming frosting, the essence of the vanilla is just a room which may or may not be windowless. belief is by itself, unpoetic. madeleines, are by essence, poetic. just look at proust. i think madeleines, be they honey- strawberry, or paris-flavoured, they embody everything that is good about the past, present, and the future. it's like hope crystallised, into the smell wafting off a page. like every time i open a new book, slamming shut the old one of fears, my fingers, sticky with honey and chocolate, will leave my mark. because the memories, and knowing what you have overcome, makes the present all the sweeter. so i have to do this, with butter, with meringue, with ganache. because i know that somewhere, at a time and place i do not know, or maybe just one undeserving day, suddenly everything changed, for the good. that's the only way i can explain it. unlocking an unlimited amount of sugar, cookie cutters, and panache, for my use, so i can sweeten the day for others too

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