Monday, May 14, 2012

lots of staaats

exams have ended but i'm still caught up in a whirl of stress. keep finding myself on buses, planning my days out...

what i really wanna do right now is
1. go to a bookshop & read & buy books [i will i will]
2. meet up with friends over leisurely coffees, conversation and... books. LOL. yeah i'm a nerd like that haha
3. bake yummy stuff for teh people i love

but oh well i get to
1. go travelling
2. run/ gym etc. all stuff i love. omg the exam induced cabin fever was really torturous
3. do what i wanted for electives [God really does have a way of granting all my random prayers, and often in a form better than i could have even imagined]

so... even though i feel VERY STRESSED, it's alllright
yeah. that about sums it up

really cant wait for friday evening, when everything is done & dusted & i'm heading off for (literally) greener pastures. just hope that in between, everything goes smoothly.

on the bright side, i wrote some poetry today. yay! it's not very good but

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