Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In the darkness I can see your light
I come to where you are
In the silence I can hear your voice
I come to where you are

i officially HATE heart murmurs. opening snap is far from the S2, longer MDM means more severe; austin flint murmur, gallarvardin phenomenon; soft S2 with narrow/ reverse split BLahblahblah

but when mugging gallarvardin phenomenon it reminded me of the time when the senior told me and y "go and listen to that patient" and we went to take history. then when we finished the senior was still on the cow so he was like what did you hear? us "regurgitates history" senior: I MEANT LISTEN TO HIS HEART!!

and apparently that patient had a gallarvardin thingy. talk about wasting good signs on blur people, hahaha good memories. funnily enough me and y again were in some clinic during surg and then a patient came in and kept talking about her son in med sch, and then she asked us, do you know xxx? and it was that very senior!! OMG couldnt stop giggling it was so terrible wahaha. okay this needs background knowledge to be funny. but still! things that make me smile on this rainy day :) m3 was such fun wasnt it UP TO THIS POINT blech

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