Monday, May 28, 2012


woke up severely jetlagged at around 2.33 to coffee, cereal and a bevy of whatsapp messages about results having come out... and found out that... I PASSED!! WHOOPEE!! well, no deans list (why am i so obssessed about this again?!) and also, if the class av is A- then erm im obviously under the average lol but WHATEVER MAN, i did it!! seriously, with my killer long case, i think there was cause for concernn. So. surg results came out too, and i got 71%!! *JOY* okay, again, by my class standards, nothing to shout about. but PERSONAL SATISFACTION YO.

and we all know who i want to thank for the miracle of me passing year 3. the year i so hoped and dreamed for, has come to a conclusion so beautifully, filled with so much excitement, hilarity, knowledge, and so many awesome experiences. i dont think i could have dared to hope for any more than this.

here's a summary of the trip that rounded off my year 3. it wasnt a trip to a prestigious newfangled medical institution, or a globe-trotting scenic one that one can spam photos of inducing fb jealousy (but goodness knows i have plenty of those globe trotting ones alr hehehe) it wasn't a CIP project to a backwater third world country where i constructed a mudhouse or taught people english. but it did mean a lot to me, and it certainly did involve a lot of menial labor (you're telling me). the sort of labor that isnt credited anywhere on earth (and who knows if its credited in heaven, and anyway i didnt do it for the potential brownie points). the sort of thing that there is no reward for but the work needs to be done, and you feel really satisfied afterwards.

and in the process, i met a lot of awesome people from all around the world, teaching me that you dont have to go globe-trotting, you can go somewhere where people from all over come to. i met romanians, croatians, irish (super alot of irish!!), french, italians, germans, koreans, even malaysians hahaha.

to avoid detection, that's all the specifics ill say. the ten most memorable things were
1. flambeaux ie torchlight. nuff said. apparently people could hear me for miles off. lets hope it was heard up there too :)
2. cows/ sheeps/ horses. I LOVE COWS
3. cherry blossom macaroon
4. singing gregorian chants in latin
5. being chatted up by a romanian as i tried desperately to escape but was backed up against a really sturdy locked door built in like the 1800s
6. having very real conversations with angmohs which for me, is really a first. id sort of resigned myself to believing that cultural barriers can never really be broken down beyond a "hey how was the night out?" but i guess this just goes to show that religion is the same worldwide. on this point, i especially loved meeting the irish boy and the german girl. i think they are very genuine people & very kind people. God really has a way of answering the smallest prayers lol i knew i had a hang up in this area though i didnt really need for my belief that one cannot have real convos about life with angmohs or real connections with them to be debunked HAHA but its really nice to know that it's possible! :)

7. the kind frenchwoman in a really small frenchtown who despite not really understanding my game of charades mimicking airplanes, gave me her map, allowing me to navigate our way out
8. mountain escapades
9. crossaints. actually ALL FRENCH PASTRIES. yums
10. just the feeling, beyond all doubt, that i was doing the right thing. a safe feeling. standing at my fav spot looking at the far-off mountains, telling the malaysian priest something i have never told anyone outright face to face before. omg he even told the other pple from his parish "wow we got so much to read. its a miracle! like her. she got a miracle" lol.
11. oh oh also i spoke korean to koreans!! so exciting. although i may have said GIVE ME *name of famous star* instead of I LIKE *famous star* coz the words are really similar
12. hunger games in transit was FABULOUS

all in all, all i really wanted out of this was to land safely back home HAHA. so it definitely transcended all expectations. there are less superficial reflections, but i think, let them percolate.

bring on yr 4 :)


  1. Cantate Domino canticum novum, quia mirabilia fecit. Salvabit sibi dextera eius, et brachium sactum eius. :)

  2. lol i dont understand latin! u should go to ________ too!![im not naming the place for purposes of privacy wahaha] in the choir there they sing in latin! and the singing is BEAUTIFUL omg


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