Thursday, May 3, 2012

caffe latte

i didn't forget everything
i was trying to pretend that i forgot
i remember the times when i was left standing

i endured those times
i tried to let it go, but i can't do that anymore
its only a memory to tell, still i keep wondering
-the day we by urban zakapa

im out of breath cos i ran here in case i fell again
because i am sorry for many things
that's why i am running again
- so i run, feast of the gods ost

a) must stop watching neurosurgery dramas
b) must stop sekret dreams of being a neurosurgeon cos i have absolutely no intention of going thru gs residency uargh
c) the comments on syndrome are hilarious 'i know its hard to english sub this drama because of the medical which we dunno really what it mean"

HAHAHA i have to agree in general, i dont really know myself either. but in the case of this drama, it's all like GIANT ANEURYSM, okay whaaat. its not like neurofibromatosis-1 actually to me that's still ok. its the iron chelation therapy for thal that really gets me. id like to see someone translate that haha. ok la there's some moya-moya and stuff. but in general its all just scheming & politicking and plotting while staring out the window!

this song is called CAFFE LATTE, what's not to love!

i like the indie sound but dont reaaally resonate with the lyrics... is it possible to love someone more than caffe latte?!  baby baby you're caramel macchiato

this is such a random post.

meanwhile, i was hunting high and low for my neonatology notes, then i realised i didnt take any notes but annotated the seniors notes. NO WONDER zzz. off to study the whole of neonatologY

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