Sunday, April 1, 2012


1.  thrombosed haemorrhoids
2. familial adenomatous polyposis
3. parathyroid adenoma p/w ransons 8 pancreatitis
4. MNG [actually saw quite a few]
5. rokitansky- aschoff sinuses [!! well i saw it in a report, i obviously didnt visually see the sinuses. but still]
6. learnt that post thyroidectomy, the pt is usually given thyroxine at levels that cause TSH suppression
7. tertiary hyperparathyroidism
8. oesophageal webs [and also iron def anaemia and gerd, so.... plummer-vinson?!]
9. parotidmegaly
10. transplanted kidney

[ps i saw all these on my call day so didnt have time to document, i'm not mugger enough to go back hosp on sunday heh]
it's a lovely sunny day, lent is coming to an end in a few days time & it'll be easter sunday!! i want to have an easter egg hunt man. this is like a lifelong wish. meanwhile, i have to survive the surgery exam, which i am not very confident of surviving. part of the problem is my short attention span and the rest of the problem is, let me see, just about everything else.

had a lovely run to dempsey & back the other day at nine pm. such a ridiculous time, thanks to surg -_- because obviously when i arrive home at ~630pm all i want to do is sleep/ eat and who is going to go running right after walking around the hosp all day long.

currently i am really very zonked & i dunno how long i can continue, and the exam is on THURSDAY. i am really tired of constantly feeling like i'm going to pass out any moment, and mentally counting my mini-cexes and arranging my schedules. i spent my sunday studying scrotal swellings, which actually are v interesting. hydroceles! and my saturday at an ecg day [no doubt with like half my class + free lunch + i did zhao early puahaha] wow so happening right!

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