Monday, April 16, 2012

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hi world. i feel very sian...

eight weeks of surg is coming to a close and i feel like putting my head in an ostrich hole and sleeping. my respect & admiration to those who choose to do this for a lifetime, out of, presumably, great love for it

realised with utmost horror that i have three more hoops to jump through instead of just two. oh whatever.

anyway, thanks to x, who was literally dragging me through clerking today

me: hey ok i need to go buy food now
x: ...ok now we go to ward 57 to clerk a patient
*10 mins later*
me: ok thanks that was an awesome case! ok i am going to like sit down for awhile before vascular x ray conference
x:  aiya seriously dont go la... ok so now, to ward 64....
*15 mins later*
me: okay now i shall go and sleep a bit before vascular x ray conference


LOL no seriously, it's great.

i can't say the opposite, that i introduce my friends to good cases. just today, flipping thru casenotes, i sent her to clerk a patient that was confused.
x: uncle, why are you in hospital?
patient: ...!?
x: *repeats qn louder*
patient: ...?

hey there were good signs ok, just that the sign is independent of any underlying pathology? which is really strange. anyway then i sent sy there later having forgotten exactly what transpired cos i just scanned my book and told him where to go. AWESOME. (sorry man!)

so then me and h went to clerk a patient from her team. she told me the bed number and dissappeared? so i started asking thyroid history. the patient denied everything saying she vomited and had stomach pain. *much confusion* h appears and whispers: you got the wrong patient!!

so after MUCH EMBARRASSED apologizing, i went to the right bed and started asking qns.
patient: oh i have no thyroid problem. but i vomited and have stomach pain
me: .......... *thanks her and ZHAOS*
h: oh actually she is here for some stomach thing. the thyroid thing is yrs ago.


(ps: not violating any privacy here since many patients in the gs ward have vomiting& stomach pain...)

let me finish with the best:
last week, sitting in the freezing uro OT 2 watching my tutor do TURPs for prostate enlargement, the m4 suddenly turns to me and says
cherlyn: hey do you want to go to OT4?
me: huh what's in OT4?
cherlyn: no LA OT4

[background, our school does this musical thingy bianually and since we're a med sch its called, surprise surprise, OT4, this being the 4th edition. LOL what a nice choice of location to ask that question in]

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