Monday, April 16, 2012

think i was pretty gd at celebrating easter joy in the past few yrs of this blog. yay, good to know i havent been a delinquent catholic all this while

just wanted to tell my past self: whatever you are moaning about, get over it man, it means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, i can tell u that with 10/10 perfect hindsight wahaha. to the point where i wanna pour bleach over my lyrical philosophizing [not]

but then maybe snowball effect etcccc. or butterflies

anyway. just had to say that. becos when i read over april entries it really makes it seem like april is the cruelest month (heh eliot). and that aiyahhh in the end it means nth i dont even feel vaguely sad abt it so LOL. all the mountains, balloons, etc blehhh time coulda been better spent. but NEVERMIND. im sure it makes me like, a better person. or something. lol.

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