Saturday, April 21, 2012

that's not it

by 10cm. its quite funny cos in the youtube comments, someone said "why is he singing that he cried cos the water heater was broken" LOL i guess it was not meant to be taken literally

i thought the reply was poetic though! "maybe becos he lost a warm thing in his life"

anyway, having serious cabin fever closeting myself up mugging. and we keep getting well intentioned helpful emails from snrs/ batchmates with lots of things to mug/ streamline our mugging but it just keeps making me MORE & MORE stressed. practically having palpitations thinking of it all already. anyone who knows me knows that me & exams & mugging = urgh. i am just not exam smart, let alone smart, wahaha. i dont know man. but! i think if i actually just go through everything calmly and with the depth i like (cos it not, it just doesnt stick!!), i think i may be able to make it. who cares about deans list. just give it all you've got and it'll be okay. i hope so. seeing as the electives thingy is finally settled, i hope!! researching on places to go for m4 electives already hahah. so excitinggg. but $$ and i certainly am setting my sights high. ok WHATEVER ill just apply and if they dont wanna accept me ok lor.

two weeks more. HOW TO PULL THIS OFF. omg.

i know i prayed for divine intervention many many times already this year. for my debates, for every single end of posting test. i think i should have saved it for now. because now - i REALLY, really need it

i think ill go for a run now.

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