Thursday, April 19, 2012


so so happy! omg.

okay i guess it was a really interesting experience, & i'm glad i got to scrub up so many times! its like if you keep scrubbing up under pressure you get more efficient at it. and did so many calls. it took awhile before i realised other people werent doing as many calls as i was!? prob becos many people had colorectal AND uro but i didnt have colorectal so. oh well i think i learnt alot abt the management of patients from it, and it's just so fun going to a&e to see patients and running everywhere with the reg at night! and eating dinner with the team at night in the mo room. fun times.

but i am just SOO relieved i've managed to submit all my stuff! did my direct observed hx taking today with an mo in clinic who was kind enough to do it. background: clinic is CRAZY busy. its a very difficult task of finding someone patient enough to wait 15 mins for you to do the thing. and once u walk into the clinic u can hardly just walk out. and he gave me pretty good marks too! and it was the last thing i had outstanding so it's just this huuuge sense of relief washing over me. i was so happy and relieved i proffered chocolate to him HAHAHA. it was erm cherry flavored coz i was planning to give to yoch but i couldnt find her. hanyu actually smsed me to ask "haha! did he mark u very high? the choco was so funny!". LOLL

today is not really a day where i ran round doing mad clerking but i saw
1. quadrantanopia
2. mitral regurg 2' infective endocarditis
3. haemorrhagic thyroid cyst
4. superior vena cava obstruction with +ve pemberton's sign

erm i literally saw the patient with tr but didnt lay a finger on her cos i think overclerked. does tt count? haha.

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