Monday, April 23, 2012

so i run

i resolved not to sleep until i resolve this approach to anaemia thing... so i may NEVAH sleep. omg. no dont get me wrong, i really do find this endlessly intriguing, and i love eponymous conditions of which there are plenty under the approach to anaemia umbrella eg diamond-blackfan syndrome, shwachmann's syndrome etc. i just DONT UNDERSTAND and my pros are in TWO WEEKS TIME. so not a good time to be sorting this out.

and i have an insatiable urge to bake banana bread. just chanced upon a recipe for "banana bread crepe cake with butterscotch" on wow.

actually the whole of this morning i was sooo chill & daydreaming about Life and etc.

after pros i am going to cook my way through a book. awesome. can't wait. oh and also run everydaY.

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