Monday, April 30, 2012

just printed 87 pages worth of notes

and have no bus fare home.

wow. when walking here from the mrt it was pretty disorientating cos like of all the construction work. walking hallways that i know but theyre all papered up. i mean i do know where im going, but at the same time i also felt like i was walking in a maze

i need to rah-rah a bit so here goes:
I CAN DO THIS! yeah!

... no, isnt very convincing.

the truth is that actually i can't. ive spent 5 days on ortho but i still a) havent finished b) cant really remember what i DID study. i can take long case hx for OA knee la maybe thats it. just praying i dont get ACL tear as short case or long (wont get long case ACL tear right?!), becos ive never managed to feel an ACL tear properly, EVERR

anyway, feels like i dunno everything, cant finish studying, and wanna take a chillpill right now. oh yeahs. its awesome. however i now have like 100pages of past yr qns to do. *stabs inanimate object* and i didnt bring my headphones. AWESOME.

ok on the bright side today i did long and short case for oa knee, cervical myelopathy, did short case for mechanical heart valve (mitral). the pt and my friend both insisted they could hear the audible click a mile off but i couldnt so was contorting myself all over trying to hear it, still couldnt. did hernia exam - first time ive seen a direct hernia, and it reduced nicely directly backwards instead of upwards and laterally (altho my friend did say, when we were listing the things we accomplished "and then there was the hernia, which alot of things you forgot" HAHA). okay, it's not bad.

i feel calmly doomed.

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