Thursday, April 26, 2012

i feel zonked.

this is only the fourth day of full time mugging and i already feel completely tanked. on the bright side, i know plenty of peds now. but i didnt get round to dm/ asthma which HELLO WELL MAY COME OUT. why did i spend so much time studying peds haem/onco?! well becos there's plenty to study/ understand & it's fascinating, and aaaargh. anyway, in my defense, i did writeups on dm/ asthma before so i'm sure i can pull something out of my hat. except the inhalers and stuff. MUST STUDY THAT.

anyway this is to say that i have completely run out of steam, and today i commenced studying ortho but you know the first time you start studying something you have to organise all the notes, plus its doubly confusing as i cant quite remember what holes i left behind when ortho ended?! i'm sure there were plenty, because i distinctly remember desperately praying that only stuff i knew would come out, the key to the desperation being that there is not much stuff i know.

and urgh i just feel pissy. i think its erm... anyway, moving on. haha. i think its okay to take more time on peds and ortho cos my surg is quite okay and i've been revising medicine the last 2 weeks of surg anyway. the only things i didnt really do is actually more ortho stuff anyway haha like gout, RA hands, etc.

tell me about it

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