Saturday, April 21, 2012

the day we

by urban zakapa! such a cool name. new discovery, love this. i particularly like the chilled out attitude & the sense that it's the fading of the memory that makes the singer happy. or maybe that's just my wrong interpretation and actually the singer is heartbrokeN over it haha oops. well i dont think happy in a masochistic way but sort of like "yay the hurt is finally going away & i can live my life" not that i would know what feelings feel like anymore haha since surg/ paeds, i've been so bethrothed to medicine that i dont ever think of relationships between human beings anymore. seems like sucha foreign concept. heh

so yesterday was the real last day at sgh, but i think i need to go back to practice more physical examinations so i'll be back soon. before we get banned from the wards. sounds so serious as if its mbbs or something haha.

spent some time hanging out in the students lounge with h&c because we needed to return our access cards, and found myself taking train home with them. it was actually pretty reminiscent of how we first started off in sgh exactly one year ago! wow since then somehow our clinical knowledge has increased like x100 and because you get more used to the wards, it becomes so much fun as you know your way around better! just a nice bookending there :) starting off & ending in the same place, but knowing that everything is so much more different & better.

1. myasthenia gravis. seriously its like, the fatiguability is so ++ we can hardly shine the torch to look at the patient's pupils, and h was like "no la i dont think its ptosis" hahaha just goes to show that blind clerking is a much better test of knowledge than knowing what it is and going in with a preconceived idea. i should blindclerk more!

2. IE secondary to a congenital heart condition. we actually guessed MR at first but then after that the uncle was like "do you know what i have? not testing you la" haha then he told us. then i was trying to ask more about the childhood history of the heart condition so i said "oh uncle when you were young, could you run 2.4 etc?" hanyu *immediately* "aiyah of COURSE la, congenital heart disease means he's had it since young DUH". wahaha i know that too, i was just trying to ask more history since we missed the diagnosis the first time round. LOL

3. a lot of patients with UMN lesions & babinski's +ve
4. AVN hip 2' OA it was actually pretty classical except we didnt know what to ask on the spot (seeing as we dont exactly clerk avn hip patients on a daily basis). but it was quite cool ive never clerked one before

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